Saturday, November 8, 2008

Goin' 20.....

Today i'm into new life..i already turn 20..unbelievable..time is flying so just like yesterday i was in standard 1..(perasan muda)..let's share something special about my birthday..1st time celebrated it in India..thanks to all my friends..hawa, fazehan, suhaili, zahida, natasya, rozita, mimi, anum, yvonne, atikah, nora, ayu, kaiyisah, fizzi, asma' n yvonne happy birthday.. i mude sehari dari u..hehe..anum thanks 4 da cake though my name spelled wrong..
I also got call from my brother, YO..he and his friends sang birthday song to me..thanks bro..

Thanks to all of u that sms n call me just to say happy birthday..lurve u all..happy birthday too to my twins now in Indonesia..Haziqah n Syazwan..hope we will become a better person..

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Maro, The Traveller said...

hepi besday shuhaiza..sronok x celebrate besday kt India? nanti add la link sy punye blog k?